Why Volunteer?

Flexible Community Service Hours

All hours spent buying (pre-approved) materials, preparing lessons, teaching, and attending our camps are hours eligible for community service hours. As most high schools have a minimum requirement for service hours, you can fulfill all the hours needed for your high school by attending one camp. And you can choose however many hours and commitment you want to put into MASE — making hours extremely flexible.
Gain Valuable Experience

Volunteering at MASE provides tutors with valuable teaching, public speaking, and communication experience. Teaching at camps also allows tutors to spread love for topics that they are passionate in to younger students. In addition to this, involved members of MASE are encouraged to apply to be on the MASE officer team, where members gain leadership, communication, and community experience.
President's Volunteer Service Award

The PVSA is a nationally-recognized, prestigious award issued by the CNCS for US citizens who volunteer a certain amount of hours throughout a 12-month period. As most of our camps involve a lot of preparation, involved members generally serve enough hours to be receive the PVSA. Members can receive this award through MASE — and we handle most of the paperwork, too. Find out more about PVSA here.

Apply to be a Volunteer

General Information

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