Math and Science Education

Who We Are

We're a nonprofit based in Fremont, CA that aims to inspire love for STEM in kids between the ages 9-12. We hold free camps at the Fremont Main Library throughout the year to teach young students about a variety of math and science topics.

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Great Educational Experience

Your child will be exposed to a variety of topics, ranging from cryptography to neuroscience to astrology. They’ll learn important critical thinking and communication skills through our classes, which will be useful throughout their middle and high school careers. We’ll help spark their curiosity for STEM subjects — maybe your child will even continue to pursue these interests after camp!

Free Classes

All our classes are completely, 100% free. Unlike our competitors and many other tutoring places, we teach to spread our interests and knowledge in STEM — not to get money. This means that children of all socioeconomic statuses can attend our camps, regardless of how much their parents can pay. And MASE is certainly a more enriching opportunity than, say, staying at home and watching TV!

Networking and Alumni

Your child will meet 29 bright other students. In addition to this, all of the MASE team members are willing to answer any questions students (and parents) may have about their experiences in high school. With our extensive alumni network, if we don’t have an answer to one of your questions, we can also get you and your child in touch with someone who can help.